The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

“I think the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a good show for black families and it helped young men in life.”

— Jamal Fullard


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is about a teenager moving in with his uncle and aunt because he was behaving badly at his house. The show is based in Bel-Air which is where his uncle and aunt live. The first episode went to air on September 10, 1990 on NBC network.

Main Characters

Will Smith plays William “Will Smith” in the show, he is a street smart teenager who moves in with the family in Bel-Air and causes problems as well as solves some of them. James Avery  “Philip Banks” in the show and he is Will’s uncle. Alfonso Ribeiro “Carlton Banks” is Philips son and Wills cousin, he is the most profession one. He has a dream to go to college and is very smart about everything. Karyn Parsons “Hilary Banks”  is Wills cousin who always has problems. Tatyana Ali “Ashley Banks” is also Wills cousin who always has drama.

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 Joseph Marcell “Geoffrey Butler” is the butler Phil hired so he can clean and make the food.

Supporting Characters

Ross Bagley which is “Nicky Banks” in the show. He is Philips youngest son and he is one of the funniest characters in the show. Perry Moore is “Tyriq Johnson” which is one of Will’s bestfriends. He is also one of the funny people in the show. Virginia Capers is “Hattie Banks” which is Will’s grandma. She always tells stories to will about his childhood and always calls Philip by his nickname “Zeke”.

Season 1, episode 2

Will is starting to get used to living in Bel-Air with his family. He is getting tired of hearing Ashley play the violin so he takes her to go replace them. By replace I mean he took her to a pawn shop and got her a drum set. Once uncle Phil found out which is her dad, he got very upset. He said she must stay in violin lessons and not play the drums.


The evidence I got from the show was from watching it. It would always come on and even sometimes they would replay the show and that is why I remember most of the things that happened. I also did some researching about the show to get some characters I forgot the name of.

Why to watch

I recommend to watch this show because it is very funny. It will make your day better if you’re having a bad day. From the first episode all the way to the last the show will always keep you interested in it. It will make you want to watch more and more of it, even after the last episode.