“I’ve watched this show before, it’s very funny because of the things that happen to Jenna, she’s apparently very unlucky.”  

— Mylinh Nguyen

The Show

This show talks a lot about love, betrayal, lies, friendship, and real, life situations. Jenna Hamilton is a young teen from Palos Verdes, California and attends Palos Verdes High School. After Jenna Hamilton had read an anonymous letter to her saying, “you could disappear and no one would notice,” caused her to have an incident in her bathroom, it was mistaken as a suicide attempt, and she was then called “that girl” and everyone at her high school were talking all about her, and how she “tried to kill herself.”  This is what is very focused on in Season 1. Jenna Hamilton also has her own blog “I Am Jenna” where she always talks about what happens on each day of her life. She is best friends with Tamara Kaplan, and in love with Matty McKibben. “Awkward” aired on MTV for the first time on July 19, 2011. There has been 5 seasons and 77 episodes, Season 5 Episode 77 last aired on November 9, 2015 and was announced that the series will be back in 2016 with Season 6 Episode 1 when they all go to college.

Major Characters

Ashley Rickards as Jenna Hamilton, a teenage girl that is still struggling to figure out her identity while trying to make friends because of her “suicidal attempt,” Beau Mirchoff as Matty McKibben, he has a secret relationship with Jenna Hamilton. Nikki DeLoach as Lacey Hamilton, she is Jenna’s mother. Jillian Rose Reed as Tamara Kaplan, she is Jenna’s best friend. Brett Davern as Jake Rosati, he is best friends with Matty and also dates Jenna. Molly Tarlov as Sadie Saxton, she picks on everyone, especially Jenna and calls her “Hamiltoe.” Desi Lydic as Valerie Marks, she is the school guidance counselor and Jenna always went to her about her problems.

Supporting Characters

The show wouldn’t be the same without Sadie Saxton’s best friend Greer Grammer (Lissa) who helps her out throughout the show and tries to guide her the right way and to show her not to pick on Jenna so much. Evan Williams as Luke, one of Jenna’s exes. Following Zak Henri as Owen another one of Jenna’s exes. Also, Nolan Gerard Funk as Collins, he is another one of Jenna’s exes, without him we wouldn’t of been able to see the bad side of Jenna, but also it taught us a lesson about not turning into someone you’re not and risk loosing friends. Mike Faiola as Kevin Hamilton, Jenna’s father he played a big role because he taught her many life lessons and also helped guide her.

Season 1 – Episode 1 – Pilot

A scene from "Awkward," when Jenna Hamilton had her arm broken.
A scene from “Awkward,” when Jenna Hamilton had her arm broken.

After Jenna had got back home from summer camp she retrieved an anonymous “carefrontation” letter which said, “you could disappear and no one would notice,” and it also said other horrible things as referring to her as a “loser.” When Jenna was reading the letter she was in her bathroom which caused her to slip and fall, she then broke her arm. When she got back to school everyone thought she had attempted suicide, she was then laughed at and picked on, especially by Sadie Saxton because of that. Throughout the season Jenna was secretly dating Matty McKibben because he didn’t want anyone to know about them. She got tired of keeping their relationship a secret so she decided to break up with Matty and later gets with his best friend Jake. Although, Matty and Jenna kept their secret relationship from Jake. Later in the season, Jenna finds out that her mother was the one who wrote the letter to her. Jenna made her mother tell her father that she wrote the letter, and so she did and he broke up with her mother because of it.

 What Stands Out

This show is basically showing a life of a teenage girl that gets somewhat in a way, bullied by others. Also, shows the heartbreaks of a teen girl, while at the same time trying to find the love of her life, date after date. It’s based off how every teen goes through something, and not everyone is perfect but they can always be their for each other no matter how much each of them bump heads with each other.

Why To Watch 

This is more of a teen show so I highly recommend it to any teen girls/boys because it really tells a lot about real, life situations, from family to friendships/relationships. It’s a very funny show, while at the same time it can be very dramatic and tragic. This show re-runs on t.v from season 1 episode 1, once a season ends, but you can always watch it on Netflix without commercials!


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