Don’t be a dingo eat a springroll

Spring. Spring. Springrolls.

Nothing is better than a home cooked meal that everyone can enjoy. There are all different types of food you can chose from, but springrolls may be the best choice. It gives you little of everything that you need for a healthy meal.

Springrolls, also known as dim sum, is an appetizer that can be made in many different ways depending on your culture. It originated from East and Southeast Asia. In different regions of the world, spring rolls are called different names. In Taiwan, it is made two different ways, fried and not fried. The fried springroll is prepared with vegetables and then fried whenever it’s ready to serve. Whereas the non-fried springroll is made with precooked ingredients such as meat and noodles.

Springrolls are the best appetizer there is.

— Randy Bun, 12, Engineering & Environmental Science

The recipe to make springrolls is simple and easy. You use pork belly, shrimp, noodles, and vegetables. You will also need rice paper to wrap everything in. The vegetables may vary depending on how it’s made. It can have lettuce, cucumber, mint leaf, carrots, bean sprout, etc… There are two type of sauce you can choose from, sweet fish sauce and peanut sauce. They both taste delicious with it or you can eat it plain.

Making springrolls is an easy four step process. First, you cook the shrimp and pork belly. Then, you cook the noodles in boiling hot water and drain it out once it gets soft( don’t overcook it). After, you boil hot water to dip the rice paper in so it turns soft. Lastly, you roll the springroll up with everything you prepped for it.

There isn’t anything you specifically eat it with. A nice coke or water would be perfect for you to drink while you eat.

The kitchen isn’t too big nor too small, it’s just right. There are a lot of storage place cabinets all over the kitchen, four stoves to use while you cook and a dishwasher to clean the piled up dishes in the sink. The kitchen is the best place in the house, there’s no other place you could be than being in the kitchen. Spending time with your love ones and eating a delicious meal, that is a springroll. It is a perfect place to share laughs and smiles and have a amazing day.

You should definitely try springrolls. It may be one of the best Asian appetizer you have ever tried. A bite will make you want more and more. It gives you a little of everything that you need. Fresh vegetables, meat and noodles. To top all that, there is two types of sauce you can use to wrap up the deliciousness. It’s like a party in your taste buds.

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