El Grullense Is The Best Place To Get Mexican Food

Tacos, Burritos, whatever you want, they got.

People often try to debate on what place has the best hamburgers, pizzas, etc. But for best Mexican food place, there should be no debate at all, El Grullense is obviously the best in town.

Only background found on this restaurant is that there are three in Stockton all owned by brothers, each owns their own spot.

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The supreme carne asada burrito was beyond delicious. It was like eating a little piece of heaven. The soft tortilla, the tender meat, the tasty rice and beans, the spicy salsa, the melted cheese, the sour cream, onions, cilantro just make the burrito taste like you’re in paradise.

The supreme carne asada tacos are just amazing. Just thinking about them gets your mouth watering! They perfect everything they make.

It’s the best burrito and taco place in town, hands down.

— Victor Estrada

The building is very nice. It is surrounded by things of the Mexican culture. The smell from the outside of the restaurant is horrific but don’t let that stop you because the food is beyond good.

Looking for the best place to get a burrito in Stockton? Go to El Grullense by La Superior, it’s by far the greatest Mexican food you’ll ever try in your life. The taste of their food is better than life itself.