Denny’s is delicious

Denny’s is a worldwide restaurant that serves at any time of the day. Here at Denny’s, you get excellent service and you get treated with lots of respect. They have a delicious variety of foods to choose from. For example breakfast platters, sandwiches, hamburgers, fish, and steak. They also offer desserts for after your meal, that is if you still have room for it.

Denny’s first started in 1953 and started franchising 10 years later. It was founded by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. It was originally a doughnut shop that later turned to a coffee shop which turned in to the restaurant it is. Its headquarters is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S.

It has 1,700 locations all over the world including the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominican Republican, El Salvador, Curacao, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Denny’s is open everyday at any time.It is even  during the holidays unless it is required by law.

One of Denny’s newest meal is called the Sriracha Spicy Super Chick’n sandwich. This sandwich has a slice of tomato,  pieces of chopped chicken, bacon, and Swiss cheese covered with a spicy,delicious mixture of sriracha sauce and mayonnaise. This is a limited-time offer so go and try it out and see if it is a good meal to have.

This sandwich is accompanied by fries. The fries are seasoned and crunchy. Most people like eating their fries with ketchup and some don’t. There are only two types of people that like to eat fries with ketchup. They are the ones that put ketchup all over the fries and the ones that put the ketchup on the side that is used as a dip for the fries.

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This building is located near an exit to San Leandro in a nice neighborhood. The inside of the building had a few photos of foods and the great outdoors. It has a modern design and it is always busy.

Denny’s is a must go restaurant. You will be delighted with their large variety of foods and great service.