Cheesy is better

Cheesy. Warm. Delicious. Pizza.

When it comes to pizza, everyone has their own favorite place, their own favorite kind of pizza, and their own favorite size. Although not everyone believes that pizza is the ultimate food, they should. And although not everyone has had the pleasure to eat at PizzaGo, they should.

Back in the day, like very back, during the 16th century Naples a Galette bread was first considered a pizza. Back then it was considered food for the poor. One story that is remember regarding pizza, is that of the invention of the “Pizza Margherita”. This pizza had red tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Those three ingredients put together symbolize the colors of the Italian flag- red, white and green.

The first pizzas in the United States came along with the Italian immigrants and was very popular among the Italian Americans. The real break through pizza came after WW2 when american troops brought back the love for the food. 


Like previously mentioned, everyone has their own favorite pizza. At the PizzaGo located on 5066 West Lane Suite 5, they have a variety of pizza toppings to choose from. They have everything from cheese to combination to even mushrooms. The cheese pizza here actually tastes like cheese. Once they pizza is taken to your table, then you can see up close how it looks. The pizza itself is not too greasy, yet not to dry- its the perfect balance. The crust is nice and crispy, giving it that nice crunch at the end of every bite.

The Pasta-bilities

Not everybody enjoys the marvelous food known as pizza, so taking that into consideration, PizzaGo has many other side dishes. For example they have baked pasta’s and salads on their menu also. As far as their actually drink station, they have the same drinks as any other fast food restaurant would.

As soon as you walk into the building the first thing you notice is the unique ceiling fans. Instead of the traditional fan with the multiple blades, these fans only have two. Apart from the fans, the building also has its own small side room which is just perfect for a small get together or a small party. 

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When you try the pizza from PizzaGo you will not regret it. The pizza there will be sure to entangle and delight your taste buds.