Jelly Smellies

Today we managed to observe a handful of one of America’s most recognized candy.  Jelly beans.  Jelly beans have been an American sweet tasting treat ever since the early 20th Century and continue to satisfy peoples sugary needs with their out of this world flavors such as: vomit, popcorn or even sausage flavor.  Weird, but interesting, right?

Let’s first start to examine the Banana split flavor.  The Banana split flavor(out of all the others) was one of the most appealing(no pun intended) and one of the most tasteful of the group.  The pigment of this jelly bean was an ill yellow color with a sort of tiny red specks scattered around in places.  This flavor is highly recommended if you love jelly beans.  On top of that, most of the jelly beans texture is about the same; hard on the outside and squishy/chewy on the inside.

Next flavor that we have to examine is the Mango flavor.  Now to clarify first of all, this jelly bean does not taste like mango at all.  The tastes can’t really be described at all, to me it has a plastic tastes to it, but carries a strong smell while chewing it.  Overall, this flavor is not recommended at all.

Furthermore, the next flavor we’re going to go over, is the Passion fruit flavor.  Now the passion fruit was the best tasting of all the group.  The taste of this jelly bean was to be fruity as suspected.  The texture of this one was more on the bright yellow side of the group.

Now we’re going to move on to one of the last of the flavors.  Blackberry.  Blackberry was probably the strangest flavor out of all.  The blackberry did not taste like the title of the flavor.  The taste couldn’t really be described because of the strong smell while chewing.  This one was definitely one of the worse tasting jelly beans out of the bunch.  This flavor is not recommended.

Finally to top of the list of jelly bean flavors, we end off with the infamous Licorice flavor.  This flavor was the mot least favorable out of all the flavors and highly not recommended, unless you like black licorice.  The taste was also highly unbearable.

What was your favorite flavor jelly bean?

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