Jelly Beans: Delicious or Not?

With all those jelly beans on the store shelves which ones are you to choose? On one hand you can choose to buy those generic jelly beans, but on the other you can go with Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans. These beans are shaped in a curved oval shape and come in a variety of colors and flavors. Each bag contains 11 servings and each serving is about 37 pieces! All of this with only 150 calories per serving making it a great snack for on the go. Although it has a relatively low calorie count each serving contains 30g of sugar and .37g of carbohydrates. Regarding vitamins it has no source of vitamin a or c and no source of calcium or iron.

Lemon & Lime

The lemon & lime flavored jelly bean is a green oval shaped chewy candy. If you were to take a whiff of it at first it would have a faint smell of lemon. After trying the lemon & lime flavored jelly bean, you have a lingering taste of lemon followed by the taste of lime, giving it a unique but very good taste.


Much like the lemon & lime flavor, and all the others, the grape one is in the shape of a curved oval. Although contrary to the first one, it is not the best tasting bean. This bean did not have a scent, even after cutting it in half.

Strawberry Smoothie

This one, similarly to the grape, has no smell, and much like the others is in the same shape. Initially, it has a very strong taste but after a few seconds, rapidly gets bland.


This bean, has a very gentle smell and tastes very similar to its smell. As an afterthought be prepared to pick it out of your teeth.


Easily hands down, one of the best. This bean upon first smell, has a very good aroma. After trying it, it seems that you forget that it is a bean and not the actual fruit.


Tangerine flavored beans should never have come to existence, instead of having a taste similar to the actual fruit it tastes like the peel. Gross!


Similarly to the tangerine one, instead of having a taste similar to the fruit it tastes like lettuce.

Ultimately, Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans have a range of tastes, coming from something as good as strawberry to something as unappealing as liquorice. Why anyone would recommend most of these flavors will remain a mystery. Granted some flavors were very good, you should not risk coming cross a bean that tastes bad. 

What is the best jelly bean flavor?

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