The Multi-Cultural Assembly Was Decent

The Multi-Cultural Assembly was inside the gym at Cesar Chavez High School on April 21, 2015. The assembly was only for about 20 teachers and their students.

All of the clubs from a variety of different cultures either danced, sang, or played their instruments to show a part of their culture to the audience.

  1. Show Choir
  2. Jazz Choir
  3. Dance Club
  4. Ballet Folkorico
  5. Marachi
  6. Polynesian
  7. Cambodian/Laos
  8. Winter Guard
  9. Drum Line
  10. Jazz Band

The performance by Jazz Choir was the best performance of the whole assembly in my opinion. They sang a song which I don’t know the name of but it sounded great. The only down side was that you couldn’t really hear them but that wasn’t their fault and they still did an amazing job.

I liked the assembly, I liked all the different cultures

— Diane Estrada, junior, Communication & Technology

The assembly was decent. It isn’t that the performers did bad or anything, the assembly just didn’t interest me all that much.