Cultural Assembly Shows Our Diversity

Recently on April 21 some lucky classes were eligible to attend an assembly which showcased some of the cultures here at Cesar Chavez. This assembly took place during fourth period and was located in the Gym.

Although it would be hard to include all of the different cultures and talents here at school, we managed to show many different performances. Some of which include:

  1. Poly
  2. Mariachi
  3. Jazz Band
  4. And Dance

One of the performances was dance club. And like usual they did amazing. Among their many performances they took a song and then they made a choreograph that flowed naturally with the rhythm of the music.

I thought the assembly was overall really good, but with a little more preperation it would have been amazing.

— Ferline Ayo. Sophomore Health SLC.

In conclusion, the assembly flowed smoothly and the many of the performs did amazingly. Realistically speaking there is no possible way that anyone can avoid having difficulties. The only thing that would make the process go by faster and flow smoother would be to have all the performers sitting in the front rows; this enables the performers to reach the floor faster and cause the audience to be less restless.