Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh is the name of the show. They are two step brothers with very different personalities that end up getting along. I think its a very funny show for families and kids to watch.

(Drake bell) Drake Parker is a musician that is a player and that can get any girl he wants. (Josh Peck) Josh Nickels is a magician who is very smart when it comes to school unlike his brother drake. They really didn’t get along with each other at first but when they go to know each other they realized that they were both wrong about each other and started to bound with each other.

(Miranda Cosgrove) Megan Parker is both Drake and Josh’s little evil sister who is only 13 years old and is always prank’n and messing with them. She plays and instrument and is part of the girl scouts. She knows people and can get almost anything she wants from around the world just to prank her brothers. They are highly intimidated by her and her evil plans.

Drake and josh were building a tree house but Drake forgot to cut the door so they got trapped inside. They asked Megan they’re sister if she could get them the power saw but she refused and said no. Both Drake and Josh had two hot dates at the movies and they were mad that they couldn’t go , they called they’re fiend Eric to check on they’re dates and they were still there. Instead of Drake and Josh going on a date with them Eric the friend did . Mega left them stuck for hours.

On an episode Drake and Josh made a bet. Josh couldn’t play any video games and drake couldn’t eat any junk food for a week. who ever would give in first had to dye their hair pink. Megan set them up, she made a room full of video games and junk food, they both caved in and had to dye there hair pink. Their parents had gotten involved in the bet so they had to dye their hair pink too.

I recommend this show to teenagers who are in school. You guys can relate to the show its very funny and entertaining it will have you laughing. Its on Nickolodean or on Teen Nick. They also have some of they’re seasons on Netflix.