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Is Bewitched a good show?

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“Bewitched” is an interesting show that looks like it could get better over time. The show is about a married couple and the wife is a witch. It was a good show from what I watched.

Samantha acts like a normal lady but she really is a witch. Darren is her husband who is completely normal. Elizabeth Montgomery is the actor playing Samantha. Dick York is the actor playing as Darren.

Edora is Darren’s ex girlfriend. Agnes Moorehead is the actor who plays Endora. Larry Tate plays as is Darren’s boss. David White acts as Larry Tate.

Samantha proves to Darren that she is a witch and Darren makes her promise not to use magic. Samantha says that she will stop but ends up breaking her promise later on.

The mother of Samantha kept teleporting Darren to the lobby of the hotel during their honeymoon. That episode was very funny to me and made me laugh a lot. The entire episode was funny.

I would recommend the show because it is very funny and I can only see the show get better over time like wine. I would like to watch the rest of the show because it looks good.