A witch marries a mortal man

Jessica Phin, Reporter

“Bewitched” is a sitcom about a witch who marries a mortal man, and promises to stop doing all the witchcraft stuff and try to be a typical suburban housewife. Even though my first time watching it was in class, I personally like it and would actually watch it again.

Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) was playing as the witch that had to change her ways into acting like a regular human. She didn’t look like the typical witch, she looked more normal and not scary looking. Darrin Stephens (Dick York) plays the mortal husband that works in the advertising business.

As of for Samantha’s mom Endora (played by Agnes Moorehead) continuously tries to stop her daughter from marrying Darrin only because she thinks that Darrin would freak out once Samantha tells him that shes a witch.

The one episode that I liked was once Samantha’s mom had left she sat Darrin down and tells him that she’s a witch. He thinks she’s just hallucinating but then she does things and then he starts to believe it. While he was still trying to process it through his head he went to go have a drink with his friend and try to tell him but he wasn’t even listening. After that Samantha had promised Darrin that she will stop doing all the witchcraft stuff. But once they were invited to Sheila’s house for dinner she had to break that promise. But if you were to watch that episode you’d understand that she deserved it.

This show is semi- old but it has lots of humor and is fun to watch. Like what show do you watch where a mortal man marries a witch and has the power to do what she wants. Especially what she did to Sheila at the dinner and how she cleaned up the kitchen so fast, like come on who wouldn’t want powers land use them how she did. And plus it’s not in black and white. So yes I do recommend this show for you to watch.

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