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You Just Need to “Believe”

Ferline Ayo, Reporter

December 14, 2015

All About the Show "Believe" first aired on March 10, 2014 on NBC. It's about a young 10 year old girl, Bo Adams, who has been protected by Dr. Milton Winter and Janice Channing, two close friends who have known her since she ...

A witch marries a mortal man

Jessica Phin, Reporter

December 8, 2014

"Bewitched" is a sitcom about a witch who marries a mortal man, and promises to stop doing all the witchcraft stuff and try to be a typical suburban housewife. Even though my first time watching it was in class, I personally like...

I am reviewing Bewitched

Garianna Norwood

December 5, 2014

"Bewitched", an American TV show, gained its popularity after its debut season. The supernatural-themed sitcom gained the attention of many viewers. It's based on a young witch marrying a ordinary mortal man. After seeing just o...

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