I am reviewing Bewitched

Garianna Norwood

“Bewitched”, an American TV show, gained its popularity after its debut season. The supernatural-themed sitcom gained the attention of many viewers. It’s based on a young witch marrying a ordinary mortal man. After seeing just one episode you’ll be ready to watch the entire season.

Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) portrays a “good” witch  who is really hundreds of years old but appears to be young. Dick York (Darrin Stephens) can be described as an ordinary man who wants Samantha to live like a mortal.

Endora (Agnes Moorehead) is Samantha’s mother and plays a big role in the show. She doesn’t approve of her daughter marrying Darrin so she constantly interferes in their marriage.  Sheila(Nancy Kovack) appears in the first episode and plays Darrin’s ex and she is determined to get back together with him.

The first episode showed love at first sight. It was fate that they kept running into each other. After getting to know each other they decided to get married. It was on their honeymoon when Samantha revealed that she was a witch. She promised Darrin she wouldn’t use her powers, but sometimes she slipped up.

Samantha could not resist using her powers at the dinner with Sheila. Sheila kept flirting with Darrin and felt she was better than Samantha. Her actions angered Samantha and caused her to use her powers on Sheila.

I recommend Bewitched to anyone who needs a laugh. It’s humor, fantasy, and family orientated all in one.

— Victor V.

“My favorite character is Samantha because she is beautiful[/pullquote