You Just Need to “Believe”

Ferline Ayo, Reporter

All About the Show

Believe” first aired on March 10, 2014 on NBC. It’s about a young 10 year old girl, Bo Adams, who has been protected by Dr. Milton Winter and Janice Channing, two close friends who have known her since she was born and is now protected by a fugitive, William Tate, who she later finds out is her father. Since the age of two, she has been capable of supernatural powers and was raised in the company Orchestra, a secret government program designed to weaponize people who have psychic abilities. When Skourus, the head of Orchestra and Winter’s old partner who are now mortal enemies, began experimenting on Bo, it was unbearable pain for anyone, especially a child. This caused Winter along with a few supporters including Channing to pull away from Orchestra. It was the spark that led to constant hiding and fleeing from Orchestra and Skourus ever since. I believe the show is an overall heart-melting and on-the-edge television show. “Believe” had an interesting start and became more captivating as I continued watching new episodes which came out weekly.

Main Characters

Bo Adams (Johnny Sequoyah), is a young 10 year old Caucasian girl with dirty blonde-honey colored hair. The fugitive, William Tate (Jake McLaughlin), is a Caucasian man around his late 20s who has shoulder length hair similar to Bo’s hair color and stubble on his chin. However, Tate, the name he goes by in the show, later cuts all of his hair off and shaves to prevent himself from being recognized, since he is a fugitive hiding with Bo who is considered missing. Dr. Milton Winter, (Delroy Lindo), is a Black man in his late 40s who has always looked after Bo. Janice Channing (Jamie Chung), is a slim Asian girl in her mid-20s who has great fighting skills.

Supporting Characters

Since Bo Adams has supernatural powers, she can sense issues minor characters have and helps them. She is usually led by a blue butterfly that only she can see, due to her capabilities, which helps give a sign of suspicion that something is wrong, or someone needs help, or leads to clues to help her in a situation. Tate, being Bo’s guardian, has no choice but to get involve and help her. Other minor characters are the people from Orchestra and government officials that are hired, by Orchestra, to capture Bo who is considered kidnapped by Tate. Obstacles occur along the way caused by Orchestra right when Bo and Tate believe they’re safe when given places to hideout by Winter and Channing.

Season 1 – Episode 6 – Sinking

One episode I believe caught my attention the most was episode six “Sinking”. William Tate, known as and called Tate throughout the show is of course one of the main characters since he is Bo’s new “protector”. However, he, in my point of view, is a character viewers wouldn’t know much about. This episode begins with Tate’s flashback to eight years ago when he was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. This episode gave a little taste of Tate’s background and helps explain why he was on death row in prison. I don’t remember anything else much besides that from the episode especially since I’m unable to watch it online, BUT  there is one part I remember that melted my heart because it was not what I expected at all. If you watch the series, the very first episode begins with Winter dressed as a priest speaking to Tate in his prison cell. Tate being on death row, Winter tells him as a “priest” that “We can free you.” Walking down the hall with Winter and a prison guard, Winter contacts Channing along with a few members in a van hacking the power of the prison and cuts the lights on Winter’s signal. In the dark and with a flashlight in Winter’s hand, he hits the prison guard and a sewer lid is lifted for Tate to crawl through a tunnel until he reaches the end in order to escape. That is the beginning of holding the responsibility of looking after Bo. It didn’t come to mind how strange the pairing was. Why of all people did Tate have to look after Bo? Speeding back up to episode six… where we get to find out. Winter and Tate are talking about how Bo has an effect on people, but Winter is trying to convince Tate that it’s different with him. Tate just wants Winter to say it already after beating around the bush for too long.

“So what… It’s different with you.” Winter says calmly.

“Okay then spit it out.” Tate says impatiently.

She’s your daughter… Mr. Tate… Bo is your daughter.”

— Dr. Milton Winter

THERE’S THE TEAR-JERKER! It’s even harder trying not to cry when you see a grown man like Tate starting to have tears swell up in his eyes after hearing the news especially since he has the privilege to tell Bo himself.

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I Shouldn’t Have to Explain Twice!

The summary about episode six should say enough to prove my opinion of how much of a captivating and heart-melting show this is. There are a few questions that probably would run through your mind after hearing a little about that episode. For instance, what happened to Bo’s mom? How come Tate didn’t know that he has a daughter? Why didn’t Tate’s ex-girlfriend tell him about Bo? I know what happened. 🙂

Binge Watch… NOW!

You NEED to watch this show. I don’t know how you could watch it since it ended in 2014 and reruns no longer play on NBC. BUT, maybe if you check on on-demand you can find it. You could try looking online, which is a little trickier, but if you don’t want to be left on the cliffhangers I put you on in the previous paragraph, do your best and FIND IT! There are a total of 13 episodes but sadly only 12 aired in the U.S. It’ s even worse that the show ended ON A CLIFFHANGER. The show was actually cancelled, upsetting fans all over the world to the point where it created a fan-made campaign called “The Bring Back Believe Campaign”. Fans even sent boxes full of blue paper butterflies (which was a recurring imagery in the show). WATCH THE SHOW! You won’t regret it. 🙂