Does music make your day smoother?

Music’s success and it affects on our lives.


j.abundes_aMusic has been around since the begining of time even before there were instruments. Think about the Indians, they would dance and sing around the fire pit.

They all affect us no matter what genre it is from: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Country, and etc. Music Comforts us in our day to day situations. Its one of the most powerful resources, and also the best way to connect with others.

Music has advanced through out the years, by not just through the way we interact with life but also shows improvement with instruments.

Without music life would be dull and boring, its essential in our lives. What would a dance be without music? What would a friend and family gathering be like without music. what would you  do for entertainment.

Music is so theraputic for me that if i cant get it out, i start feeling bad about myself

— Eminem


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