Majority of students hope to see SF 49ers go to 2013 Playoffs

San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders are wanted for the playoffs.

This year NFL Football season kicked-off in September with the last year Superbowl Champions Baltimore Ravens going against Denver Broncos. Last season, no one had expected the Ravens to make it to the SuperBowl, nor did they expect the SF 49ers, but both teams proved everyone wrong.

They both proved they were the best out of all the NFL teams that made it to the playoffs. Last year, at the divisional playoffs, the Ravens played against the Broncos taking the win. the SF 49ers nplayed the GB Packers, with the Niners taking the win as well. The Seahawks played the Falcons, with the Falcons winning. The Texans played the Patriots, and the Patriots won. Taking those four teams to the conference championship.

The 49ers played against the Falcons taking the win. The Ravens played against the Patriots also taking the win. It just so happened both the 49ers and Ravens won with the same score. These wins took both teams to the SuperBowl, where they would meet and the Ravens would..sadly win.

This year, all fans hope to see their own favorite team make it to the playoffs and have a chance to play in the SuperBowl.

We asked 100 students who they thought would make it to the playoffs.

Majority of the students hope to see the SF 49ers go to the playoffs for third time in a row.

“49ers are going to go because if they can go once they can go again and Kaepernick is fine,” said Ana Hernandez, 10.

As a second choice the students hope for the Oakland Raiders to make it to the playoffs. Even though most of the fans know they will most likely not make it this year they still stay true to their team.

“The Raiders are really good and have a more better chance since they have a new quaterback,” said Angel Garibay, 10.

Others students hope to see their favorite team go like the Partiots.

“To me they have the best quaterback, Tom Brady, and they have new faster and younger recievers,” said Cori Davis, 10.

Now we have to wait to til late December to see who will go to the 2013 Playoffs.