Reality TV is big hit

With the addition of cable and satellite television, the number of shows available is staggering. While television viewer once were limited to news, variety shows and a handful of sitcoms, today’s TV viewer has a seemingly unlimited genre list from which to choose.

Students in period 1 journalism know what they like to watch on television. Reality. Some popular reality shows are Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Lamar, Survivor, Bad Girls Club and Cops.


“It’s intersting and realistic how they like get in trouble and still try to fight the cops,” Shameka Fore’ said about her favorite show Cops

Coming in a close second is comedy TV. Students recommended Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Friends and Gilligan’s Island.

“What I like about Two and a Half Men is that is is not about two and a half men, it’s about two men.,” Jomar Guinto said.

Surprisingly, sports TV and other types of TV shows, such as cartoons, soap operas, and news, were tied for third place.

“My favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob,” Kassandra Gonzalez  said. “It’s funny.”

The least popular TV genre was documentaries. No students preferred documentaries to other forms of television.

“Unless it’s about mermaids, documentaries are boring,” Leeanne Acrey said. “I believe in mermaids. Watch, I will become a marine biologist and proove it to you.”