Cesar Chavez High School Preschool / Daycare Center


Amarey Victoria

The Preschool at Cesar Chavez is full of color, excitement, and most importantly knowledge!

Cesar Chavez has added a pre-k and daycare to the B building in order to provide a much needed early child education for the community. Stockton Unified School District did not have enough pre-k schools in the North East Stockton area so Chavez, according to principal Jackson,“did the district a favor.” The preschool currently has two classes enrolled, AM (8-11) and PM (12-3), and a third class (Evening) will be added in January. The preschool classes are not free for all, but instead are based on income and also have different requirements for each class. The perks of having a preschool on campus is for the students who are interested in becoming pre-k teachers now have the ability to apply for internships on campus. 

The daycare center also is filled with a reliable and professional staff as well as a safe and clean environment. Families that live near Cesar Chavez High School no longer have to search for a quality daycare as we have opened a new one on the campus of Cesar Chavez. The new daycare is filled with welcoming and kind individuals who love to work with children. With this daycare center, there is no need to worry about your child while going to work. If you have a certain work schedule, no problem, this daycare offers an A.M class and a P.M class. The children will be well taken care of in both classes and will surely have fun with all of the activities that they do throughout the day.

A typical daycare day goes as follows: First there is student arrival and then a greeting circle. The kids get to know each other and start to feel more comfortable with the class. Of course they have lunch and 30 minutes of outside time on the new playground to get all of their energy out. The children also get 45 minutes of academic time to get a head start on their education. They practice things like writing their name and counting numbers. After all of this hard work, the kids get free play time and finally at the end of the day they clean up and it’s time for dismissal.

This new addition to Cesar Chavez High School enables working parents to provide their children a head start on their education in a safe environment.