Franklin Wrestling Coach Sought in Connection With Missing Teen

On August 22,  2018 a High School student from Franklin High School in Stockton California disappeared with a volunteered wrestling coach. The two reportedly have been involved,  “in a romantic relationship” and both decided to do a get away with each other. A week after a 16-year-old girl went missing with her former volunteer High School wrestling coach, the two were found together early Thursday at a home in Stockton, California according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office. The teen and the wrestling coach were found after an anonymous caller reported a possible sighting of them about 1 a.m.

On Thursday Phillip Maglaya had charges including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, willful cruelty to a child,  and child stealing according to records.  Phillip Maglaya’s bail was set at $2,705,000 and he is due in court on Friday. One day before the two were found, the teen’s parents opened up to ABC News in an emotional interview,”This is a father’s worst nightmare,” father Ron Arther said,”We trusted him,” mother Iris Arther added.
The following statement was released by the family pleading for their daughter to be returned safely before sheriff deputies received confirmation of her  where-abouts.

“This has come to us as a tremendous shock. Alexus has always been an amazing and beautiful daughter, happy and full of love. She is a student at Franklin High School where she is in the International bacealorette program with a GPA of 4.58. She has always excelled in sports, she went to the Masters as a freshman wrestler and took fourth in State for the Port City wrestling team. She was also Franklin’s top girl cross country runner. My wife and I, as well as friends and family, are truly devastated by this situation. We hope and pray that she realizes that we love her and miss her very much. We can and will get through this together as a family.

The last time I saw my daughter I was getting ready for work. As I was sitting on the couch putting on my shoes she jumped on my back hugging me and telling me she loved me. And as I was backing out of the driveway she stood in the doorway waiving goodbye. As a father, I beg you, please if you have seen her, notify authorities. Don’t just be a bystander. Imagine if this was your daughter.

Please report any leads to authorities. Thank you and God bless you all.

As for Philip, I pray that God will change your heart and you will bring our daughter home safely.

We love you Lex please come home.”

When the teen went missing, her distraught parents found a note that their daughter left behind ‘I love you Mom and Dad, very much, nothing that you guys did was your fault,'” Iris Arther recalled, crying. Ron Arther said he went through his daughter’s phone log and saw numerous calls to coach Maglaya — so he called him. Ron Arther said he asked the coach if he’d seen his daughter, and that the coach replied, “I talked to her yesterday, she was asking about dieting and nutrition and workout programs.”