Military Family in Need and Key Club to The Rescue


This 2017 Christmas Break, Cesar Chavez High School Key Club joined together to help a family in need after being displaced from their home, caused by a fire in the Bay Area. Key Club advisor, Mr. Stockman decided it was necessary to offer a helping hand immediately after getting the tragic news from the Military.  The key club’s members were honored to help a family in any predicament they are in. Mr. Stockmen and the club’s president, Sarina Ke took charge of the task at hand and set out groups to buy Christmas gifts for a certain member of the Stachowski Family.

To make all this happen the club raised up money by having a bake sale, advertising it around the school and the community. They fundraised November 4th through December 8th and earned estimately around 1,500 dollars after turning in all the orders. The club bought gifts and necessities for the family with the addition of some gift cards. Many generous people around the community donated money and gifts such as bikes, books, and even pots and pans. To have more support, Sarina contacted the Detroit Red Wings professional hockey team in which they donated some money as well.

After experiencing the feeling of helping the Stachowski family and seeing their reaction, Sarina Ke plans on assisting to other military families and any other family for that matter, that is in need. “It was heartwarming to meet the family. To give this family a little up lift when they’re going through a bad time really was an amazing opportunity for us,” she explains.  She wants to be able to support families that don’t have much every year. “It’s the purpose of my club, helping out in our community. May it be fundraising for charity or doing community service,” as Sarina words it. Now that the Stachowski family gained a little help from the key club and people from the community, hopefully they are living comfortably.