Staff Spotlight – Mr. Arieda


Thomas Michael Arieda is part of the “Lost Toys” department and has taught for 22 years with this year being his 15th year teaching here at Cesar Chavez High School.

Mr. Arieda attended Delta College and Biola University. You may have noticed teachers around Cesar Chavez love to represent colleges and Mr. Arieda enjoys representing Western Truck Driving School.

Mr. Arieda was given early access to crossing guard duties while in elementary school. Then while in high school Mr. Arieda enjoyed being in drama, band, playing baseball, and being a part of the wrestling team.

The best advice he has ever received was “make sure you have a job that you love to do.” If he could have an unlimited supply of anything it would be time so he could get everything he wants to do done. We are blessed to have Mr. Arieda as part of our Titan Team!