Get to know the new CCHS head counselor

Pamela Robinson


You may wonder who the new head counselor at Chavez is?  Well, let me introduce you to  Mrs. Pamela Robinson. Mrs. Roinson is married and her husband is in the air force. They have two kids one daughter and one son, her daughter lives in Tennessee and her son lives in Arkansas. For them, all living away from each she flies to see them 2 to 3 times a year. Her counseling office can be found upstairs in the A Building, in the Career Center. 

Q: What’s your zodiac sign and do you believe in them?

A: “ Taurus, I have seen that Taurus are known to be stubborn and I’m stubborn so yes “


Q: What are your favorite foods?

A: “I’m a 15 year-long vegetarian, pass 2 to 3 years I’ve been going vegan. I enjoy anything that is fresh and Mexican food. Started loving avocados.


Q: Why did you decide to go vegan/vegetarian?

A: “ I grew up around animals and I had bucking bulls. And when they didn’t buck anymore we had to sell them to the butcher and my brothers would say I might be eating one of the bulls so that is when I decided that I can’t do that anymore.”


Q: What are your favorite tv shows/movies?

A: “ Historical fiction, British humor, South Park, Top gear ( British)”


Q: What do you do outside of school for fun? 

A: “I enjoy power yoga, spending time traveling, hiking, and power boarding”


Q: Where is your hometown?

A: “Atmore Alabama North of Mobile in Alabama, on the coast.”


Q: Have you lived anywhere else besides Alabama?

A: “The first 18 years I lived in Alabama and from there I kind of traveled around the world .” “ Almost 10 years I lived in Europe, then Germany, England, and then the East Coast. I  have only been in California for over a year”


 Q: What made you move to Stockton?

A: “ My husband is in the air force and he received military orders to move to California” “I was a counselor on the East Coast and I saw that there was a job for head counselor and I put my name in and got the job”


Q: How do you like moving to different states?

A: “So far it’s been an adventure, but this is our final time moving and it’s kind of scary because I’ve been moving my whole life:”


Q: Where did you go to college?

A: ”Silverado in Charleston Carolina for my master degree”


Q: What did you study? Why did you choose to study this?

A: ”School counseling and clinical counseling. I have also been a special education teacher (a teacher for kids with special needs). I have always known that I wanted to work with kids, but I didn’t know how and I stumbled across psychology. I learned that behavior is very interesting and decided that it would be a good fit “


Q: Did you play any sports in high school? If so, what did you play?

A: ”I ran barrels in the rodeo, and I was In the band color guard”


Q: How are you liking Chavez so far?

A: ”You guys have an incredible school,  there are a lot of changes. I have never been this busy my whole time as a counselor and that’s in a good way, I’m finding new ways to improve programs and policies. And how to make fellow counselors’ lives better and students’ lives better.”


Q: How long have you been a counselor? 

A: “12 years”


Q: What else did you want to be besides a counselor?

A: “I wanted to be a vet, but decided that it would not be a good fit because I wouldn’t be able to put the animals down”


Q: What advice would you give a student?

A: ”It depends on the student, but counselors don’t usually give advice. Don’t be in a rush to get done with school because you have your whole life to be an adult and you don’t have a lot of time to be a kid. Also, explore all of the classes that Chavez has to offer students.”


Q: What advice would you give a senior?

A: “Don’t stress and have fun”


Q: What are your goals for working at Chavez? 

A: ”Number one is to improve graduation rates, increase scholarships every year, make connections with the community to support students and our school. Also making sure our counselors are doing their jobs as for being able to talk to students one on one.”


Q: What are your thoughts about Covid-19 and the effect it had on us?

A: ”It was a challenge that no one was ready for, some students can work online and others can’t so that was a big challenge. Also some grown-ups, and some people realized what they had and we’re grateful.”