Club that should exist in Cesar Chavez


At Cesar Chavez High School right now there are many great clubs that help bring students together and give them more opportunities within club activities. However, there are many other club activities that some students like me want to do and learn from, but unfortunately, we do not currently offer those clubs here. Here is just a small list of clubs that students at Chavez wish we could have in this school:

  • Sewing/ Knitting Club – A club where students can come together to help and learn how to knit and sew from a teacher or students with the skills or even from a YouTube video.  I’m sure it’ll be calming too!
  • Salon/ Fashion Club – This is a club for those who are interested in fashion and make-up/hair-related things. Club members can help teach and give tips to others on how to do hair/ make-up and also in fashion sense. 
  • Language Club – Club members can learn and teach each other different languages. There are many students who are interested in learning different languages and there are also students who know more than 1 language and this is a great opportunity to share their language skills.
  • Sculpture club –  This is a club for those who are interested in creating sculptures from clay, stones, moles, and other materials. Club members can learn a different way to create sculptures with what they had in mind of what they want to create. And since this is a high school, it won’t be a high-standard sculpture or anything big, but it’s just small and easy enough that the club members are interested in designing the sculptures themselves as a somewhat humble beginning. It can also be great if the sculptures club can earn money by chipping in or doing fundraisers for a club trip to a museum or someplace to see more great sculptures in person.
  • Cooking/ Baking Club – In this club the club’s members can learn and teach basic cooking/ baking skills. And to have more fun and more food, the club members can share their recipes from a different culture with others and try it all out together. And for more research and ideas for the foods, the club can different restaurants and cafes and try different foods and do reviews for them. And you might ask, “where do you get the money to go to different restaurants?” Well, there are many ways we can make money but some might work and some might not, club members can obviously put in money together and share the foods, the club can also start a small business together and earn money for them to go try different food places. This club can also help those who are in journalism class by trying out different food places, the journalism students can write an article about reviewing the restaurant and the foods.