How to prepare for your driver’s license

How to prepare for your drivers license

Are you thinking of getting your driver’s license but don’t know how to prepare for it? Every year high school students are taught or informed on how to get their license, but sometimes don’t know where to begin. Well here’s some free advice on how to prepare for your license. 

If you are under 17 1/2, the first thing you’re going to want to do is take a driver’s education course. Your courses must be at least 30 hours in total time and if you take the courses online you can log in or out at your own convenience.

Once you have completed the drivers education courses, you’ll have to wait for your pink slip to arrive. As soon as you get that, schedule a permit test online or at the DMV. When you pass the permit test, you will have your permit for at least six months and in that time period you must practice driving with a parent or guardian for 50 hours, including 10 hours at night.

Now you are onto the last step before taking your driver’s test, you’ll have to have a total of six hours of drivers training with a professional driving instructor. Therefore, the next thing you will want to do is schedule 3 lessons for 2 hours each.

Once you finish your lessons and hours, you are prepared to take your driving test. When you take your driver’s test there will be two options for the test:

1. Over 18 years old – You will take a test consisting of 36 questions and 30 of them must be answered correctly. 2. Under 18 years old – You will take a test consisting of 46 questions and you must answer 38 of them correctly.

Once you have scored the correct amount of points, you will have yourself a license.