Change That Zoom Profile Picture

Change That Zoom Profile Picture

Teachers, and maybe students, are just tired of staring at black screens in Zoom calls for hours a day. There’s just something about talking and talking with just staring at names; All. Day. Long.  A really easy and quick thing you can do is add a profile picture. Takes about a minute to download a picture, or send one from your phone and upload it into the Zoom app.

First of all, find an image. I know teachers would probably like to see who YOU look like, but what isn’t wrong with a picture of your dog or changing your profile picture everyday for the holidays.

Second, open up the Zoom app by just typing ‘zoom’ in your app browser. Then in the top right where your initials appear, click on it and move your mouse down to ‘My Profile.’ Now a link to the website of Zoom should pop in.

Log in. As soon as you log in, your initials should be pretty visible on the screen. There should be a ‘change’ option to select a new prof ile picture. Now all you have to do is pick your image by using the ‘upload’ button! 

Now your teacher could have a nice new image of yourself or pet to look at, instead of the emptiness that is a white name on a black square.