What you should know about Drivers ED?


Drivers ED is an online program used to inform people on the basics of the road. The program allows you to read about the driving laws and answer questions. By the end of the program you will take an overall test and if you pass then you will receive a certificate. Once you receive the certificate you can then take it to the DMV where you will take your permit test.

Now a few things you should know about Drivers Ed. First, it is not as hard as everyone makes it seem. Most of the knowledge of Driving laws are common sense things. I feel as if sometimes people tend to just get into their head about Drivers ED.

Another thing I would say is everything that you read on the Drivers ED test is not on the permit test if you want to see what is on the permit test you should go to the DMV website and click on the sample test. Everything that is on those sample test is on the actual test.

The Drivers ED program is just to prep you for the tests and to obtain the knowledge of the laws of driving. Now don’t get me wrong, you can learn some pretty cool things on Drivers ED like I learned about the first car being built which I actually did not know was an Volkswagen.

The last thing I would say is do whatever works for you as far as studying goes, but make sure you learn the information from the Driving Manual.