School Pictures


We are set for school pictures for the 2020 school year on Sept 22 and 23rd.  Below if the schedule for CCHS students to come in and have their school picture taken both for IDs and the yearbook. 

Students in 9th grade will come from 7:30-11:30am on 9/22. 

Students in 10th grade will smile between 12-4pm on 9/22. 

Students in 11th grade are scheduled from 7:30-11:30am on 9/23. 

And then finally, the senior class of 2021 will come in from 12-4pm on 9/23.   

Tiny Titans can come from 11-12 either day.  Staff can come at any time 7:30-4 either of the days. 

These pictures are for yearbook and IDs.  If there are siblings in different grades, all students can come together.  If a student misses class for pictures, they can make up the work asynchronously.  Students will come back the following week (M-F 8am-3pm) to pick up their IDs, as well as their last years Semester 4 certificates for Honor Roll, Principal’s List, and TCOB incentives.

There will be several cameras set up in the gym and different entrances for social distancing, with each marked at 6 ft intervals.