Student Profile – Gunner Nino


Gunner Nino, a current sophomore here at Cesar Chavez High School, is an athlete on the Varsity Baseball team. Last year he achieved a spot on the Varsity team as just a freshman.

” I was shocked really. I didn’t really think I’d make them team, you know, being so young. Coach Jimmy Lee actually wanted me to come up, so once I heard that I was like, alright I’ll come on the varsity team. It pushed me to be more motivated to be on team, I knew. I didn’t get the best season, but it was better than what I thought I could achieve.”

Coach Lee has commented that “A Freshman getting in the Varsity team is pretty rare and doesn’t happen often.” Gunner mostly plays in right field, but sometimes will pitch.

He is a good student with a high GPA that hovers near 4.0 and is a hard worker. Coach Lee also commented that because of his endurance and passion “He is going to have a pretty good season.” As a natural athlete, Gunner loves P.E class as he gets to show his abilities and enjoy his love for sports.

Aside from sports and achieving in school. Gunner also is very successful with his church and faith. He is a proud member of the Youth Ministry at St. Bernadette’s. After his years in high school, Gunner is looking to go to a college here in California along the lines of UCLA and Cal-State and continue to play baseball.