The Seal of Biliteracy


The Seal of Biliteracy is awarded to students who have become proficient in two of more languages in one of 38 states in America. The award is given by the school, the district, or by the state to recognize the accomplishment. 

Many teachers are encouraging students on taking the AVANT to earn an award for being proficient in at least two languages by the time that a student graduates. This award also recognizes the value of language diversity which colleges like to see. The seal provides the accomplishment of being bilingual and shows that you are certified which is fluency in two languages. Once the test is completed for your school, school district, or state for the Seal of Biliteracy you will be able to receive the official seal on their diploma. With this seal it shows a statement of accomplishment to universities or colleges admissions and future employers.

As of right now 38 states in the U.S. have approved the Seal of Biliteracy