Chavez Soccer Senior Night


Have you ever been to a Senior night? They’re suppose to pump you up right? Well what if I told you that the boys soccer seniors wont be having your typical senior night. The coaches left it up to the seniors to decide whether they wanted to celebrate senior night before or after the game. The seniors wanted to do it before the game in order to stay with tradition, as they said they were confused on why the coaches would suggest having it after a game already played.

After the team voted the coaches told the seniors they would much rather have it after because they felt the seniors would get distracted with all the festivities. The coaches were instead emphasizing the need for a win in order to go to playoffs and they needed to win their next match against Edison. Being a must win match for Chavez the coaches were looking at doing something different with breaking tradition. The seniors, while they still did not agree with the senior night change, felt like the coach wanted them to go with this change as the coaches felt it benefited the team more so. Most of the seniors agreed and out voted the rest, they had voted to have it after. The game starts at 5:45 so be sure to come out and support and if you have time stick around for the senior celebrations.