Chavez’s New Piano Teacher


CCHS newest piano teacher, Mr. Kestler playing the piano in F building.

*Update with corrected name.


Cesar Chavez welcomes our new piano teacher, Mr. Kessler! Mr. Kessler started playing the piano in 2007 which then inspired him to join the music program in 2008. His passion has since grown for music especially for his key instrument, the piano.

“The piano has broadened my musical horizon to explore other instruments,” Mr. Kessler shared. 

Mr. Kessler now joins Mrs. Kleinert in her choir classes and time to time enjoys hearing Mr. Coleman’s students next door. Mr. Kessler’s passion for music has increased the fulfillment and excitement he has to work with students.

“Working with kids has added fulfillment and excitement in life. Music has added much intellect and emotional value which allows me to share much of my experience with others. It is one of the most uplifting, rewarding experiences in life,” He explained from his piano bench. 

Mr. Kessler’s passion and aspiration for music is inspirational and he has much to share with our school.