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Scholarships For Seniors


Chavez students it is that time of year again to start preparing for college. CSU / UC applications are due at the end of the month, FAFSA has begun accepting applications, and scholarships are now available to be claimed fro next year’s college goers. Seniors, the reality of college is coming up just around the corner and we need you to be able to pursue your dream career by attending the dream college or university you have in mind. Going to college or a university is very expensive and I know what you’re thinking. Your worried about how you’re going to be able to pay for all of this or you might not even decide to attend college due to the price of it. I am here to give you the opportunities that will allow you to be able to have money pay for some of your college experience!

Cesar Chavez High School has many different kinds of scholarships you may be interested in. There is a Murse World Scholarship for students that want to pursue the medical field such as therapy, nursing, medicine, nutrition, laboratory science, and dentistry. This one is very easy to qualify for because all you need to be is a high school senior, achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, pursue a degree in the medical field, and be a citizen of the United states or in possession of an Alien Registration Card. You will then have to answer a very simple question which is “how do you plan on making the world a better place through your future career?”

Now by applying for this scholarship, you will be able to earn $1000 towards your college tuition which is such an amazing opportunity to receive. There is also a Sunshine Behavioral Health’s Opioid Awareness scholarship where you can receive a $500 award to pursue a health related degree program. You only have to be a U.S citizen and be enrolled or accepted in an accredited college or university and plan to continue enrollment.

Another great scholarship is the Advancement of Women in Sports and Entertainment Scholarship that will give you the opportunity to earn $1000. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required, you must be a U.S citizen, have a full time enrollment at a four year accredited university, have the desire to work in the entertainment or sports industry, be able to demonstrate financial need and provide proper documents, and must be a female residing in the U.S.

These are just some of the great scholarships that many of you may be interested in applying for. Not to worry though, if these ones don’t interest you there are many more scholarships you will be able to look at and receive. Students are able to see all of the scholarships we have in the career center at the front desk. These scholarships are organized by month to where each scholarship closing date is at which is very helpful. We want to make being able to go to college an opportunity for every single student and scholarships is one way to help make this happen. This will save students money and help give them the college experience they desire.