Getting the Royal Treatment at Chavez


Patti Rivera

List of the 78 seniors to earn VIP rank in Academic Royalty.

Chavez has now started giving out VIP passes to students to allow them into any sport game or assembly for free. Many students have been awarded a spot in this years Academic Royalty. The Academic Royalty roster is tied to the SBAC test results that the current senior class took in the 2018-19 school year as juniors. 

Each current senior took the SBAC test last in either their math or English class.  The tests consist of a math and English section. If you passed one section you would be considered Academic Royalty, which only 225 students did. However, there is also a VIP section for Academic Royalty, and 78 Chavez seniors were awarded this position. The requirements to get a VIP pass is passing both the Math and English section in the SBAC testing. 

When you get academic royalty they give you a vertical id with your picture on it. With that id you can get into any game or assembly that would normally cost money, for free. This will make more students want to go to games and assembly’s because they won’t have to pay the fee. The good thing about the Academic Royalty ids is that nobody but you can use it because it doesn’t have a scan code, it only contains your picture and your name.