Cafe Coffee Cart


Chrystalline Vanna

CCHS coffee cart for staff and parents, also has snacks,

Recently we began seeing the coffee cart across campus. It began popping up different places throughout the morning, before settling in on the location during lunch of right in front of the main office. The cart is operated by Mrs. J and students, and is set up to help teach many needed skills to students. 

Some of the main skills being learned with the coffee cart are the vocational skills, social skills, and life skills that they are trying to accomplish through their programs. Students are learning how to deal with social skills, money, and responsibility. They need to know how to add/minus money and how to deal with money and customers regularly. 

Sadly, due to Education Code in California students can not buy from the cart; it is for staff only. However, we do allow parents also to make purchases.

The coffee carts consist of chips, Gatorade, soda, water, cup of noodles, muffins, bagels, candy bars, coffee, and pastries. 

The purpose for this program is to help students learn about money and social skills, as well as  social skills to be friendly, kind, and help students get out of their shyness.