How to Take Delta Classes While in High School

what are the benefits for you to take a delta class/what classes do they have and why you should do it.


CCHS Oracle Staff

List of courses taught on campus. The days and times are provided for each offering.

Are you thinking about taking a Delta class while in high school?  Are you not sure if you should take the plunge or not? I am here to tell you how good of a decision it would be as well as all of the benefits of doing. Here at CCHS we allow students to take selected Delta courses free of charge, on our campus. If you are one of the students on campus that is graduating early, then the option of taking college course for free is a major bonus of attending Chavez High.

Make sure that if you are a student 9-12 at Cesar Chavez you take advantage of this opportunity before time runs out. There are so many choices for classes and days to take the course. You can pick from courses such as: Criminal Justice (1st period Tuesday and Friday), English 1a (Monday and Wednesday) but you must have a 2.60 gpa or above, there are also Public Speaking, Health Careers, History of the U.S., Introduction to Theatre, Chicano Literature, and more.  think they should add classes that they students like so they won’t be bored/classes the people want i would like them to add a class about how they makes movies/how to make video games or different languages classes or meeting famous people.


List of the classes and times of Delta courses at CCHS:

Criminal Justice – Tuesday and Friday 1st period

Eng 1a – Monday and Wednesday 1st period

Public Speaking – Monday and Wednesday 3rd period

Survey of Health Careers – Monday and Wednesday 4th period

History of the US – Tuesday and Friday 4th

Introduction to Theatre – Monday and Wednesday 4th

Eng 35 – Tuesday and Friday 4th

Eng 1a – Monday and Wednesday 4th


Please note: If you have a delta id number and did not take a delta class last semester, then you must re-apply for the new term.