Top Places to Take Prom Pics


Micke Grove offers multiple locations for wonderful photographs.

Cesar Chavez students it is that time of year again. Time to dress up, time to pamper yourselves or friends, and time to dance the night away; It is time for prom. One of the big decisions on prom night is where to get pictures taken with your date and/or friends. If you are still not sure where to go take prom pictures at take a look at these locations. We have compiled a list of  what we think are some of the most photogenic locations around Stockton. Their environments will guarantee you eye-catching pictures.

  1. University Of Pacific
  2. Mickey Grove
  3. Victory Park

They all have their own scenic and unique spots to get perfect prom pictures.

UOP has many areas around the campus to capture Prom’s memories such as The Burns Tower, Knoles Lawn, Atchley Clock Tower, and much more.

Mickey Grove is also very photogenic and has the Japanese Garden, lakes with water fountains, and open nature.

Victory Park offers its own locations to from the Haggin Museum to the majestic Rose Garden.

You can bring your own camera to any of the locations or pay a friend from school to take the pictures for you.