Dance Senior Night:

A Day in the Life of a Senior Dancer

Left to right: Yoselin Q. (12), Arisdelsy A. (10), Irlanda A. (12), Lesli C. (10), Erika T. (12)

Recently the CCHS dance classes and clubs came together to complete their yearly dance show dedicated to the senior class. Following is a memoir of one of the senior dance students preparing for and participating in the Senior Dance Show. 

Months turn into weeks which turn into days just before the show. Almost everyday and even days after-school are spent preparing and cleaning up our dances for our show, especially the senior dance. There’s so much stressing trying to handle school and something you love at the same time, but nothing stops us because it is our final year.

As the show begins to start, we’re there… waiting for the curtains to open to begin with the opener “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer. The crowd cheers as they see our familiar faces on stage which makes us nervous and confident at the same time. Throughout the night, we have a certain amount of dances that require changes to our outfits, some even are back to back, but with our years of experience we manage to make it happen.

Now of course, there are those moments we get spaced out and look completely clueless because we forget what to do next. However, if there’s anything our teacher has taught us, it’s to NOT make faces. The audience doesn’t know what our actual choreography is so if we fake it till we make it, there’s no problem.

Finally, it’s time for our Senior Dance, which is always the longest dance of the show. This year ours was about 10-11 minutes long which we didn’t have much time to practice. Our confidence slowly starts to build as we hear the crowd scream our names throughout the dance. Songs such as “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande, “Yes Indeed” by Lil Baby & Drake, “Taki Taki” by Ozuna, and “Too Cocky” by YG play throughout the mix, but finally, it’s the last song of our mix, “Stole The Show” Kygo. The song explains just exactly what we are doing, “stealing the show” with our performance.

We begin to realize it’s really our last year dancing, some of us have been in dance for all 4 years of high school, and it’s finally coming to an end. All the friends we’re going to leave behind and the memories, good and bad, that we’ve made throughout it all. Tears, hugs, and happiness fill the stage as we hug one another closing off the show.

Iyanna King Left to right: Nathalie O. (12), Monisha S. (12), and Aleanah N. (12)
Iyanna King Intermediate Dancers perform at the All Dance Show.