Quall’s Students Create a New Musical City

Stage design students created a small town backdrop.

At least ten of Mr. Quall’s students, from his Advanced Stage Craft class, created a 44 foot long set from scratch for the drumline to use. While this wasn’t the first time they created a set for drumline, they created a large rock made from paper mache, this is by far the largest set drumline has implemented into their programs.

This most recent set resembles a city like background and each piece of the set represents a different group of instruments. The different pieces of the set are Good Vibrations which represents the Vibraphones, SticksRUs for the Drums, SynthCity for the Synth, and another piece which represents the Bass. Mr. McCoy, the teacher and leader of the drumline works closely with Mr.Coleman who is in charge of the band program.

The creation of this set did not come easy. “The Advanced students put in a lot of time and effort to create the pieces for this set,” Mr. Qualls reiterated. This set benefited both the drumline and the Advanced Stage Craft students. The Advanced Stage Craft students benefited off of this because it taught the students many techniques such as painting skills and tool skills. Both skills will help them be more efficient in future projects for upcoming events. While the drumline benefited off of this by a having a beautiful set to perform in front of. Stage Craft students can often times be seen working tirelessly in the back of the F building.