Let’s Clean It Up!

Do you walk around school and see trash all over the ground? Does your classroom stink or have flies? Or have you ever went to sit at a desk a have that nasty piece of gum touch your hand and it almost makes you throw up and just ruins your day? Clean it up. You don’t have to clean under desks and sweep the quad, but you should try to keep your surroundings as clean as possible. It is YOUR school after all. 

If you keep your surroundings clean then the Janitors have more time to clean our classrooms and finally take care of that Hubba Bubba and Orbit that has been under your desk since 2012.

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? The Butterfly effect is when one event happens and it causes a chain reaction. If we don’t make a mess Janitors have more time to take care of classrooms and hallways, no horrible smell in the hallways, less flies, and NO GUM!

One last incentive that Principal Jackson wants to add to CCHS is allowing students to get out to lunch earlier if they can prove that taking care of the cleanliness of campus is priority. “We want to give them an extra five minutes for lunch when the students prove they can clean up after themselves. We have actually been trying to give this to them for a year and a half now.”