Thank You, Mr.Garibay

Chavez offers many classes in order to prepare you for college. One of the successful focuses at CCHS has been in the Social Studies department. This focus can be attributed to some of the teachers of that department. One such teacher that deserves a big thank you for all he does for students is Mr. Garibay. 

Mr. Garibay attended Stagg High School, but graduated from Linden High School. After graduating from high school he then traveled north to attend Sacramento State. It was here that Mr. Garibay would earn his bachelor’s degree in Social Science and receive his teaching credential. 

Currently Mr. Garibay can be found in D 200 as he teaches Ethnic Studies and Social Studies to CCHS students. This is now his second year of teaching at Cesar Chavez High School and he is making a himself a comfortable respectful home for himself and students. 

Mr. Garibay is more than just a teacher.  He is always open and helpful towards students even if he has not had them in any of his classes. He is also a motivator to his students by helping and pushing them to do their best and make sure that they are on top of their stuff. For these reasons Mr. Garibay deserves a big thank you for always being welcoming and willing to help.