The Truth About Gruno

The Truth About Gruno

It is common for teachers to share information with their students. It is a technique used to create rapport between adult and child. One of the best ways for a teacher to do this is to share personal information about their life. As students we learn personal information about each teacher making us feel more comfortable or less comfortable with that teacher. 

One of the teachers on our campus that has built great rapport with students and has become well liked across the campus is our very own Journalism teacher Mr. Gruno.

Anyone that has had Mr. Gruno knows his story. He was born and raised in Michigan where he also received his college education and teaching degree. Amarey McKinney, Journalism editor and Mr. Gruno’s teaching assistant stated, “Oh that guy is die hard Michigan. I don’t think he even knows another state, except for maybe Ohio. He hates them.”

However, The Oracle has recently learned new information that will change the way everyone on campus will see Mr. Gruno from here on out. Gruno has taught Journalism for four years now and is one of those teachers that has no problem building amazing rapport with the kids of Chavez. The students of the Oracle have recently began focusing on feature articles about staff members for the Thanksgiving issue. The information that was uncovered by a group of journalism students pertaining to Mr. Gruno was shocking and alarming. 

Students have discovered both his birth certificate and high school report cards, and neither one was from Michigan. In fact they were both from Minnesota. Upon further investigation students discovered that another teacher on site is close with Mr. Gruno’s family. 

Mr. Cox, a teacher at CCHS that has shared a hallway with Mr. Gruno for the last five years stated, “I know his mother well. She told me that they grew up nowhere near Michigan.”

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