WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Predictions


Night of Champions is starting to become one of WWE’s most highly anticipated pay-per-views of the year! The current lineup is one of the best of the year according to fans. And this year, for the first time in a while, there is more than just two women’s matches on the card. Below is a highlight of each ‘scheduled’ match.

Drew Gulak ( C. ) vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado — Cruiserweight Championship

The cruiserweight division isn’t followed as much by mainstream fans, but this match is still expected to be great. Drew Gulak is expected to retain his title, but Lince Dorado is also a fan favorite to win.

Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman ( C. ) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode — Raw Tag Team Championships

Most frequent viewers would agree that this match makes absolutely no sense. A few weeks ago, these two tag teams were practically forced together and given the opportunity at the tag team titles. No one really cares what happens to either of these tag teams at the given time, but hopefully they can prove us all wrong sometime in the next few weeks. Ziggler and Roode are hopefully  going to take the titles off of Rollins and Strowman so they can get built up as a more credible threat in the tag division.

AJ Styles ( C. ) vs. Cedric Alexander — United States Championship

Cedric Alexander is a very underused talent, most would agree he deserves more screen-time. AJ Styles is also a huge fan favorite, so most people are expecting him to retain his title. Personally, I can see Cedric winning and that’s who I’m rooting for.

The New Day ( C. ) vs. The Revival — SmackDown Tag Team Championships

The tag division hasn’t been in the spotlight all too much really, but the Smackdown tag team championships were required to be a part of this lineup. Both teams have proven themselves as very dominant over the last few years, so it’s hard to tell who’ll win this one. I can see either team walking out as champions, but I’d say The New Day has the upper hand in this match-up.

Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan

This match is based off of a very peculiar feud that’s been going on the past few months in which Rowan was accused of trying to literally murder Roman in various ways. It’s honestly a fun throwback to the old, really ridiculous storylines that went on a long time ago in the WWE, but this wasn’t the right duo to do it with in my opinion. Reigns is practically guaranteed the win in this one, but it’ll still be interesting seeing what Rowan can do in the ring on his own.

Seth Rollins ( C. ) vs. Braun Strowman — Universal Championship

The Universal Championship match is one that probably should be interesting, but really isn’t in the slightest. Both Strowman and Rollins are huge fan favorites, but recently they can’t seem to be able to get anyone’s attention. A lot of people are sick of Rollins at the moment and want something new and Strowman, at least to me, isn’t very fun to watch in the ring. Rollins is expected to retain the Universal Championship.

Shinsuke Nakamura ( C. ) vs. The Miz — Intercontinental Championship

This is one of the more random match-ups on the card, but still exciting nonetheless. Both are great competitors and it should make for a good match no matter how it goes. This match is anyone’s game really, but my money’s on Nakamura.

Bayley ( C. ) vs. Charlotte Flair — Smackdown Women’s Championship

This is another match that was honestly just thrown together. Charlotte Flair is no friend to the WWE Universe at the moment. She’s amazing at what she does and she’s definitely very talented, but she tends to be the reason that most of the other women on the roster don’t get a chance. No one really cares who wins this match since Bayley’s title run has been extremely lacklaster anyway, but I think she’ll retain her title so that her and Sasha Banks can build a more powerful alliance.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross ( C. ) vs. Fire & Desire — Women’s Tag Team Championships

This is another match that many are looking forward to. The Women’s Tag Team Championships are really struggling at the moment. The recent reign of the IIconics wasn’t anything special and people already see the titles as worthless after only half a year of them being around. Alexa Bliss has always been a company and fan favorite of many, so when she won the titles off of them, along with Nikki Cross, people knew they’d be seeing the spotlight a lot more. Fire & Desire is the tag team of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and honestly, they deserve an opportunity more than anyone at the moment. We’re all expecting and hoping for Fire & Desire to become the fourth ever women’s tag team champions.

Kofi Kingston ( C. ) vs. Randy Orton — WWE Championship

The feud of Orton vs. Kingston has been years in the making, and many people think this could be the night that Randy  Orton takes the WWE Championship back once and for all. I honestly think it’s definitely a possibility, but I really don’t see why Kofi should drop his title to someone who’s already been WWE Champion nine times. In my opinion, giving Orton the title again would be a mistake. Kofi Kingston is my pick to win.

Becky Lynch ( C. ) vs. Sasha Banks — Raw Women’s Championship

This match is definitely the most highly anticipated of the night. Banks returned after a long break of over 100 days the night after Summerslam. Her return was a very important moment since no one knew when, how, where or if she’d ever return to the WWE. On the night of her return, she threw away all the ‘friends’ she had and became a new, evil, side of herself that fans haven’t had the pleasure of seeing in years. The public is hoping and expecting for Banks to take the title off of Lynch so she can begin her reign of terror over the rest of the women’s division.