How Kawhi Leonard Balanced The NBA


Cedric Wright

The NBA’s super rosters may have come to an end on July 6th when Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that newly crowned NBA champ Kawhi Leonard would be signing with the L.A. Clippers. This announcement shocked the world, but what left us stunned is that small forward Paul George was joining Kawhi as well.

It’s clear that the Clippers have won free agency, but in this 5 minute span Leonard brought balance to the NBA for the first time in a LONG time. Kawhi`s decision to join the Clippers showed the world he is not going to take the easy way. It was long suspected that he was going to join the L.A. Lakers and Lebron James. Not only would he have won a ‘free’ ring with the Lakers, he would have arguably made the most dominant trio in NBA history. Individually Lebron, Kawhi, and Paul George give coaches nightmares. All three would have caused nightmares across the entire NBA landscape. Since the decision, the majority of the NBA have now turned into a league of dynamic duos and trios.

Some teams did not benefit from free agency at all and their chances of winning anything looks bleak. But nevertheless I am still very excited and eager for this upcoming season, that looks to be competitive across the board.