Student Business : Lip Gloss Edition


Odalis Gonzalez is a student at Cesar Chavez high school that has recently been interviewed and in the first interview we went over how she planning on starting up her own lip gloss business and now she has the processes all done and is ready to start selling them. So far Odalis has made 16 glosses to start off with. She made 4 Red glosses, 4 Metallic Pink, 4 Rose Gold Glosses, and 4 Champagne glosses. They are all strawberry scented but soon she is going to start using different scents for the different colors. She is selling the glosses for only $3 each and that way she gets more customers because they’re not very pricey but they’re still good quality. Odalis said that her customers mainly just text her on Instagram and decide on a meet up point, and for the people who can’t see Odalis and get them then she charges a drop off fee, She has really good reviews, one girl who bought a gloss said “The gloss was so good and i’m going to have to buy another one next week”. She has also gotten many compliments on how the glitters that Odalis uses looks really good on their lips. Another customer of hers even got more people to buy from Odalis by bragging about how good her gloss was. Odalis wants to expand her business and eventually be running her own online shop. She says that if her business takes off and gets big then she is going to invest in getting a business partner.   In the future Odalis also wants to have customers make pre orders and let her know which scent they would like and with which color. She has many more ideas that will continue that will help bring her in more money overtime.