Student Startup : Lip Gloss Edition


Odalis Gonzalez, a 16 year old student at Cesar Chavez High School , is gathering information on how to start her own lip gloss business. She wants to start her own business because she wants to be able to make affordable and good quality lip glosses for teenagers to buy. Also because she wants everyone’s lips to be able to enjoy the different colors and flavors that she has to offer. Along with the reasoning of proving a point that you could start a business at a young age and still succeed.  

She is reading over the guidelines of starting her own lip gloss business, some of the things she has to do before selling her lip glosses is buy the brand name and get a website so that later on she won’t get sued. She has to make sure she only uses FDA approved products and materials. She has already contacted her vendor ( a vendor is a person or company who sells the materials she needs, and she is going to constantly be buying her materials from that specific person or company). The things she gets from the vendor includes cosmetic glitter, the flavoring and scent, the tubes, and she buys the syringes from there too.

Starting the business will be very expensive because of all the things that she needs to buy and because she has to use new and disposable products every time she makes her glosses. For example, she has to use disposable gloves, disposable syringes, and she has to use disposable spoon/Popsicle stick to mix the product. She uses her personal money for buying the starting products but soon she will be getting all her money back once she starts her business.

She will soon be starting up her business, she is now just waiting to sign paperwork to make sure she has her things confirmed. Before she buys anything then she always checks and makes sure its 100% FDA approved because she doesn’t want to sell anything that could potentially harm someone. She is waiting on her shipment of all the materials to come in and then as soon as she does then she will start making the glosses. Stay Tuned and watch the success of a 16 year old lip gloss business.