City Shuts Down 7 Year Old’s Lemonade Stand

City Shuts Down 7 Year Olds Lemonade Stand

In New York a seven year old lemonade vendor was shut down by the New York State Health Department because he was undercutting another vendor’s price. The kid was charging 75 cents a cup for premixed lemonade, while fresh-squeezed lemonade, at the fair, was going for about $7.

The vendor himself made the complaint from a local and nearby county fair. Even though the main topic is his lemonade stand, he also sold water, and snow cones from his family home. The family home also happens to be in front of the Saratoga County Fair. Like many other incidents, someone showed up to confirm a vendor permit, but this time it was a women with a health department shirt. Afterwards the officials went back and forth, first saying that they didn’t regulate lemonade stands and even issued an apology. Then a day later, they found out that a permit is required for all food sales. The permit is thirty dollars and is good for a year. After everything the agency said they would assist the 7 year old with getting the permit.