Who Said Golfers Were Soft

Mayhem at the golf course in Plymouth Massachusetts

Mayhem at the golf course in Plymouth Massachusetts

Thomas Huffman

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A man’s finger was bitten off while having a dispute with another golfer in a Massachusetts golf club on Friday, August 19 at 6:30 p.m.  The police report says that an altercation happened [told Boston 25 news] , but when they arrived they noticed a hand injury the following report says. “Be advised an update from the PD. Apparently there are two foursomes that got into an altercation and there’s been a finger that’s been bitten off…the victim’s laying on the main entrance road between three golf carts,” the dispatcher said, according to the station.

Once firefighters arrived they noticed the man’s thumb was bitten down to the knuckle. An unidentified man in his forties was arrested at the scene and was charged for mayhem. Mayhem in Massachusetts means “malicious intent to maim or disfigure.” The charge can be carried up to twenty years in jail.  The man who had his finger bitten off was then transferred to the hospital and treated for his injury. His condition was not released as of Sunday, It’s unclear why this had all happened or if anything else was involved such as alcohol.

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