Powder Puff Going Intra-District


The class of 2018 powder puff team was very successful last year. They were the first ever to beat the seniors and put on an amazing game; they recorded five sacks and two pick sixes on a locked down defense. On offense they struggled, but their  dominating defense led the way to a 24-22 victory. Now they are looking to do the same next year.

The players from last years winning team are now seniors and have come out ready to have fun be victorious once again. However, the junior class will not be participating this year. As the seniors began practicing over the course of three weeks they slowly discovered that no junior class team had been formed. The problem was that no juniors were willing to participate in this year’s powder puff game. “There are a lot of other activities that take up our time and really the organization and communication was not done well for the junior class,” Amarey McKinney stated to the Oracle. Seniors, however, were more consistent when it came to practice and communication. As a result there was always more than 13 seniors at each practice while the juniors struggled to have more than two girls show up for practice.

Head coach of the football team Michael Chicago AKA Coach Chicago warned the whole Powder puff team saying “If we don’t have a junior team we will not have a game so try your best to get girls out here.” Now after two weeks of the same exact numbers coach Chicago has canceled the game and is now planning on having the senior class play a different school in our district.